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Where do you find your inspiration?

What is inspiration? Where do new ideas come from? 

When your routine becomes predictable, with the same actions, habits and processes on repeat, is it any wonder that your thoughts can become stagnant, and new ideas hard to find. All too often it is easy to become stuck in a rut with our thinking, and the creative spark can feel elusive or out of reach. If you want to shake things up, you need to make a change, and changing location is a surefire way to shift your mindset.

When you step outside of four walls and outside of the daily routine to journey into the natural world, nature shifts your perspectives and opens you up to new possibilities.

You can be humbled by the immensity of mountains, the scale of trees, by views that lift your spirits and bring about a sense of awe and wonder.  You can observe colours, shapes, patterns, and reflections, all of which can bring about a sense of harmony and a sort of putting-back-together of thought processes, but more than that, time in nature provides a pause in the well worn path of daily routine. It allows you to slow down, take a breath, and find the track that is waiting to lead you.

When you do this as a team, new discoveries can be made together. The opportunity for growth and reflection cannot be underestimated. You don’t need to participate in risky activities to bond as a team. A walk in nature, with guided creative tasks and the conversations that follow can uncover unknown facets of your team’s personalities, hidden talents and previously unidentified skills; team bonding, the immersive nature way.

Sometimes you need to step away from the incessant grind and step into nature to come back with new eyes, a fresh approach and minds brimming with ideas. You can discover new ways of thinking, new ways of being and awaken to new ways of working.

Inspiring views bring about inspiring thoughts, and inspiring thoughts together bring about great teams.

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