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The Power of Green and Blue.

Both green and blue spaces can have profound effects on our health and well-being, helping to calm our nervous systems, boost positivity and reduce stress.

Numerous studies1,2 highlight our need to spend time in natural environments, but even without the backing of science, we know how we feel when we take ourselves into wild spaces.

Our senses are stimulated in a way that is both gentle and immersive. We hear bird song, feel the fresh air against our skin, and absorb the many shades of green and blue that surround us. It is calming and centring, we can breathe out with relief. 

The way we feel in nature is the antithesis to the way many of us feel in manmade environments such as shopping centres or office blocks, where florescent lighting, blue light from screens and wholly unnatural sounds can be an affront to the senses, leaving us feeling jarred, exhausted and overwhelmed. Nature on the other hand, brings us back to ourselves.

There is a sense of tranquility that can envelop us in beautiful natural environments. It is easier to stay connected to the present moment. Our thoughts may still drift, but they are less likely to spiral out of control. We engage with the world around us. Nature provides an anchor to which we can keep coming back.

When we walk amongst plants and trees we are bathed in forest aerosols; organic compounds which are emitted from the vegetation. These bioactive compounds can help calm our mind. They have hugely beneficial effects on human biology, offering anti-inflammatory properties and positively impacting immunity and the brain3. 

When we spend time by the ocean, the negative ions in the air, produced by the collision and breaking apart of water molecules4, have been shown to increase levels of serotonin, the “feel good hormone” that elevates our mood and reduces stress. These negatively charged particles also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which can make us feel more energised.

Walking in both blue and green spaces expands the possibility for health benefits even further. Not only do we improve our cardio vascular health, we also breath deeper, increasing our exposure to the beneficial forest aerosols and negative ions. The cadence and rhythm of our walking step is especially good at untangling thoughts, and happens at the right pace to enable discerning thought. 

Being in nature inspires awe and wonder. We see things that humble us;  expansive views, and impressive vistas, the minutiae of the forest floor, the intricate detail of a spiders web. When we feel awe and wonder our levels of oxytocin, “the love connection hormone”, increase. We want to share these experiences with the ones we love. We want to point out the grandiose and minuscule. We want to delight together in the beauty around us.

Camping in these spaces means we can immerse ourselves fully. We can increase our exposure to all of the wonderful things that nature gives us. We wake up to the sounds of the wildlife, the breeze through the trees, or the gentle roar of the ocean.  We spend our days deep amongst it. We spend our evenings around the fire, under a starlit sky. We are part of the landscape we inhabit. We remember our place amongst the land of living things.

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