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Alcohol Free Schoolies Camping Retreat 2024

Mon 25th Nov 2024
4 nights

Gondwana Schoolies Camp Retreat

Looking for an alternative schoolies experience. You’ve found it! Unplug, unwind and undulate though the unique ecosystem of the Gondwana World Heritage listed Rainforest. Arrive with the camp perfectly set up, test out your comfy beds and settle in for 4 days of nature immersion and creative activities.

Spacious tents

Real mattress beds

Moreish Food

Full catered

Nature Immersion

Guided adventures

Create. Make.

& Workshops

The experience…

Experience peaceful relaxation, immersed in nature and without the distractions of everyday life.

Pretend to rough it, in tents set up with comfortable beds and delicious, nutritious food all prepared for you.

Explore the Gondwana Rainforest to cool creeks and cascades of fresh mountain water.

Expeditions: With day packs on go exploring through ancient Antarctic Beech trees to waterfalls and wildlife.

Campfire Sourdough: Be involved in the bread making process as we set up the cast iron oven and bake some sourdough.

Absorb self reflective group activities that playfully explore your relationship to the land.

Camp fire: Enjoy the calming benefits of gently flickering flames..

Wild swimming: Spend the day dipping in the cool creek water and sliding down waterfalls. We know all the best swim holes!

Fully catered.

No meal prep.
No clean up.
No dishes.

Fully Catered
Wild cooked food over fire using classic recipes as inspiration. Our menus reflect our passion for really great fare.


Located in the Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW about 2 hours drive from Gold Coast Airport and 2 hrs from Byron Bay. Perched around the best preserved shield erosion caldera in the world with the magnificent central mountain mass, Wollumbin, the 600 million year old Gondwana story is perfectly told in this stunning location.


Design your own playful creative workshop

Includes your choice of the following:

  • Dance and movement workshops.
  • Nature based language exploration.
  • Guided poetry and creative writing.
  • Nature based art: water colour painting, assemblage, clay imprinting and sculpting.
  • Ephemeral Art: nature mandalas, organic bower structures and impermanent decorative displays.
Create Make Love

Be well.


  • Single, Double or twin share tent accommodation, with bedroom and living space.
  • Proper mattresses, soft sheets, real pillows.
  • Create. Make. Move. workshop by Bower Camp Co.
  • All meals, snacks and drinks. (Delicious, nutritious food using locally sourced, mostly organic produce that caters to your dietary requirements.)
  • Group camping activities: guided walks, wild swimming, sourdough making, and much more.

Note: You’re free to be as involved in the group activities as you wish.
Maximum group size is 20 people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sleeping arrangements in the tents?

We can provide different set ups to suit different requirements. Single, double, twin share and family tents can be provided.

Is linen and bedding provided?

Yes. All beds are real mattress beds with Eco cotton sheets, pillows and duvets to suit the season.

Is food provided?

Yes. We provide high quality meals made from scratch using local, mainly organic/spray free, produce.

Are all dietary requirements catered for?

Yes. Our meals are served in a group setting with enough variety of dishes to satisfy all dietary requirements.

Is there a common area for the group?

Yes. We set up a common area shelter with a mobile fire-pit, tables and chairs.

Where are the toilets?

National Park NSW provides toilet facilities on the campgrounds within easy reach of the campsite. The toilets are compostable and are regularly maintained by national park ranges.

Where can I wash?

We set up a private washing cubicle where hot water can be provided for a cleansing clean. Many guests just use the nearby freshwater creeks and waterfalls for a dip.

All you need is your personals.
We take good care of the rest.

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