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Mums' Camp

Mums’ Camp: What’s it all about?

Well for me, Mums’ Camp, is connection, nature immersion and damn good food!

Booking on to the Mums’ Camp was a bit of a last minute, impulsive decision. The write up sounded amazing: 2 nights nature immersion with my son in a national park, in a comfy bed with no need to do any set up, pack down or cooking??! Jeez I’m in.

When I told my son where we were off to his squeals of “oh my god mum we’ve never gone camping just us before, this is so exciting” hit me right in the feels. It’s usually his Dad who takes him on exciting camping trips so this was a big moment for me.

We arrived to be greeted with chai tea and homemade chocolate cookies and shown to our tent. They weren’t embellishing: there, all set up was a bed with proper sheets and a duvet! My sons eyes nearly popped out of his head as he jumped onto the bed. “This is the BEST bed ever! I can’t believe it’s in a tent.”

Needless to say we went on to have 2 wonderful nights’ sleep, something you can’t normally say when camping.

The other thing you don’t normally get when camping is gourmet food. Bob & Ruth had put together a wholesome menu of mouthwatering food, catering to various dietary requirements. Flame grilled lamb with homemade tzatziki & houmous, bean salad, feta and potatoes was a big hit on the first night. We had homemade burgers on the second night, along with other delights for breakfast and lunch featuring caponata, Bob’s beans, omelettes, pumpkin seed pancakes and toast cooked on the fire.

Throughout the weekend the kids learned new skills around camp: Chopping kindling, lighting a fire with a flint, whittling sticks they found, making damper and cooking it on their freshly whittled sticks. The joy at being responsible for every part of the process was awesome to see.

When I asked my son about what was his favourite part of the weekend he replied;

“Swimming in the waterfall, playing with new friends, drinking delicious tea, eating the amazing food, making the damper and cooking it on the fire, whittling, wood chopping…” so everything then!

I think my favourite bit is a bit harder to put into words. When you become a mum your life changes. You are wholly responsible for another human being, responsible for all their needs. This weekend gave me one-on-one time with my son without the constant background noise of thinking about what food to make, snacks to prepare, cooking, cleaning up etc. All which distracts you from being present in the moment with your child. So the big hit for me was the connection time and you can’t put a price on that. Time to wander in nature, time to search the trees and undergrowth for interesting creatures, to listen and spot birds, time to just be together.

The whole experience was transformative. My husband even noticed the connection as soon as we got home – there was just something different about how we were together. It was magic.

Susi Brydon
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